About Byron Bay


Byron Bay is a town of more than ten thousand people on the east coast of Australia. It is a beach-side town in a beautiful subtropical rural area. A popular tourist destination, the town has all major facilities: a hospital, cinema, supermarket, cosmopolitan shopping, and restaurants, as well as a thriving alternative health industry. The Yoga studio is, close to town and to the beach. If you live centrally, a car is not necessary. Many students ride push bikes. The sub-tropical climate covers a range of conditions. The average summer temperature is 27° C (84° F) and winter’s average is 22° C (74° F) although it can get quite a bit cooler at night. There are also periods of heavy rainfall, especially in summer. The area has a total annual rainfall of 1734cm! These websites provide information about Byron Bay and the surrounding area: Byron Guide www.bayweb.com.au Byron Shire Echo (local newspaper) www.echo.net.au and www.byronbaynow.com

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