From previous students of our Teacher Training courses and Retreats/Workshops

Jill Midgley (New Zealand)

27. June 2011

Hi Glenn
It was great to come back to my little piece of paradise, and practicing again at home is awesome. I guess it is now that I appreciate how much I have progressed in my practice in the two months with you. I have so much more opening and intelligent movement in my body, and more knowledge of the techniques to continue progressing with that opening. I am missing those GC adjustments and encouraging words though! My classes are going really well, I have so much more confidence with what I am teaching because of my deeper understanding of the techniques and the ability to look at people and see what's not happening and works out ways to get them there, I'm loving it and so are they. So thanks GC for all your dedication to yoga over all these years and your awesome ability and desire to share it, I respect that very much and am very grateful.

I hope you are traveling well and coping with the dark and cold... it's hot and sunny here*. I would like to put my name down for the Goa Level 2 course, have no idea how i will pull that off but I know I need the intention for a start. And I already have a friend who wants to meet me in Northern India to go skiing in Feb, so ... watch this space.

Thanks again Glenn, my two months with you and all the other's on the course has helped me to be a more confident and content being.

Jill Midgley, New Zealand


Mark & Paula Cave - NSW (Australia)

27. June 2011

My wife Paula and I completed Glenn's eight week teacher training in Byron Bay Sept-Oct 2010. The experience has transformed both my practice and the way I approach teaching. I have personally known Glenn & Margaret since we all started Yoga as teenagers and can say that they have always displayed the highest integrity in both the way they live and teach.

During the eight weeks Glenn demonstrated his in depth knowledge and ability to break things down and make sense of what seemed difficult if not impossible, his methods and descriptions are clear and simple, but carry a wealth of understanding that can only come from many years of committed practice. Glenn also helped me to see that Yoga is more than just doing the poses, it was heartening to find someone in this day and age that teaches Yoga as a process of inquiry and self understanding, for this I will be ever grateful.

As a teacher now I have many new tools at my disposal which is great, but more than that I now see my self as being involved in that process, following the example of both Glenn and Margaret I am now there for the student, not for myself (at least not as much). This one change has transformed my teaching more than anything else did in the past twenty years.

We are both grateful to have been a part of Byron Teacher training 2010, and loving the experience of Yoga practice and teaching now more than ever. Glenn's teacher training is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone that wants to transform themselves and commit to Yoga teaching and practice from true understanding.

Mark & Paula Cave, Uki, NSW


June 2010

"Whilst attending a weekend intensive with Glenn in Adelaide, January 2010, something happened under his guidance during asana practice that shattered my limiting beliefs. I thought to myself ' This is just one weekend, imagine the quality of work that can be done during two months with him' The seed was therefore sewn.

During the early stages of the course, my nervous system began to calm with careful instruction from Glenn, creating a state of observation and peace that could be maintained during the most intense asana!

This course is intense and there were times that I questioned myself! There is some comfort though knowing that I was in the hands of masters truly dedicated to the yogic path. Glenn and Margaret complement one another to bring harmony into the course structure.

For me, many layers (Karmic and others) have been shed, some with sweat, others with tears and also feelings of illness which I now have understood to be the body's response to purging itself of blockages, toxins and stored emotions from past experiences. I now feel a sense of lightness when breathing, walking, cycling etc. and with it a level of satisfaction in just being present.

Now after the completion of the Two month Byron Bay intensive, I have a smile ear to ear knowing that I have been bestowed with the tools to inspire me to get on the mat at any time. I've realised that redirecting my priorities to self-practice gives juice (Prana) that flows into all the other aspects of life. It then enables one to give more fully into the present in order to serve the greater community."

Namaste, Ilias

Joel Hill - Australia

June 2010

"For me spending two months immersed in practicing yoga with a teacher of Glenn's calibre was an absolutely amazing experience and also a privilege. I had previously attended weekend workshops with Glenn and found those to be inspiring so two months was a completely transforming experience. The course allowed me to go deeper into my own practice and understanding of yoga than anything I had done before and also to begin to make breakthroughs on every level, physically, emotionally and mentally. While the course was two months, I have taken away from it years worth of work to study and work with. I recommend to anyone to do this course, to be able to work so closely with teachers of Glenn and sMargaret's standing and absorb their years of experience is an opportunity to good to pass up, and something that will stay with you for a long time after."

Joel Hill Australia

Isabelle Luterbacher - England

June 2010

"This course has been one of the most worthwhile things I have done. It is far beyond just a Teacher Training course, it is a journey of Selfinquiry. In the two months I learned more about life, my Self, mypractice and how to teach than I have in the last several years. Glennand Margaret not only offer a wealth of knowledge and understanding, they exemplify it. Glenn’s teaching is accurate and insightful, opening the awareness to the many layers of yoga from the physical, through the energetic to the core of your being. It is a practical application of spirituality that allows you to bring the wisdom gainedon your mat, into everyday life. As you are guided to your limit and beyond, you begin to have an understanding of what it feels like to function at your optimum on all levels."

Isabelle Luterbacher England

Liisa Tamminen - Switzerland

June 2010

I still enjoy the benefits of the course every day, on and off the mat. The understanding and feeling of how my body moves and works has brought me to a completely different and deeper level of experience when I practice. The information has led to an understanding that has been useful in so many other areas of my life. The way Glenn connects the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga to the asana practice has followed me outside of the yoga room and into life in a very useful and practical way. As I progressed and refined the alignment of the asanas I was able to hold them for longer and began to feel the flow of energy, I experienced a clear and calm mind instead of just the physical effort. Beginning the day every morning with meditation and pranayama practices prepared the mind to be more perceptive and inwardly aware. I really appreciated being taught pranayama gradually and progressively from the beginning and am especially happy to have learnt how to manage the problem areas of my body. It was very helpful to learn how to modify the asanas with the use of props for my own practice and as a teaching aid. Studying the asanas in great detail was very insightful for learning how to teach.Now that I understand and feel more precisely what I'm doing, I am able to express it to the students when teaching. I came to the course to deepen my own practice but got so inspired that I started to teach and am deeply enjoying it. I began to feel it's almost my duty to share what I have learned. I discover almost daily some new details in my practice, based on the things we were taught, and have the feeling I have enough information to study for many years to come.Having the possibility to study yoga for two months with such great teachers as Glenn and Margaret was a fantastic experience from which I’m truly grateful and I'm sure will be with me for the rest of my life.

Liisa Tamminen Zurich

Colin Freestone - Australia

June 2010

I have attended two of the Byron Bay 2 month teacher training programs (2005 and 2007.
I highly recommend this teacher training course to anyone who is serious
about their practice/study of Yoga.

The approach to asana, pranayama and meditation practice is very systematic, and graduated to the abilities of the individuals within the group.

In both of the courses I attended, the wide range of experience, knowledge and attitude among all the students was carefully considered and catered for most appropriately. Glenn and Margaret provided clear instruction, constructive feedback and correction where needed.

Glenn is relentless in his endeavor to help students reach higher standards of practice.

Second, the teaching is not designed to build student egotism. Rather, the teaching builds humility and modesty. Individuals are not singled out as being 'better' or 'worse' than anyone else. Students are never compared.
EVERYONE becomes aware that they have individual strengths to maintain and individual weaknesses to work on. Glenn provides pertinent assistance and persistent direction to help students work on their individual needs.

Over the course of the two programs I have come to trust Glenn's assessment of my development and his judgments about what I needed to do to help me reach higher levels of practice and understanding.

In summary, from the course I obtained a solid, practical, no-nonsense methodology, approach and attitude for my continued yoga practice.

Colin Freestone Sydney

Isabelle Behrens - Switzerland

June 2010

I am so happy that I had the privilege of studying with you both.
I hear your voices in my head when I practise and when I teach. Teaching here in Switzerland is going very well and I really enjoy trying out some of the things I learnt on the course. We have a positive prop party once in a while. More people come up to me with their questions and I spend quite some time with Mr. Iyengar - or rather with his books. I really enjoy studying these and my endeavour to learn more grows daily.

Isabelle Behrens

Belinda Snellgrove

June 2010

Two months under the tuition of Glenn is a once in a life time opportunity that educates you with enough knowledge for a lifetime of yoga.  The best way I can describe my experience is like I was trying to navigate my way around a dark room for 9 years and then suddenly found the light switch!

Now five months after the course has finished, I feel better equipped to comment on its value.  Since finishing the course I have overcome a long standing fear of Adho Mukha Vrksasana and now a practice feels incomplete without it.  I actually look forward to it in my practice, whereas before I would avoid it like the plague! No matter what your obstacle, the knowledge gained from this course certainly equips you with the right tools to outwit, overcome and endure the difficulties faced on the yoga mat.

Because you are working so intensely during the two months and absorbing so much information the true realization of what you have learnt isn’t revealed until after the course has finished and you are doing self-practice.  The knowledge that reveals itself then and the shift in self-awareness is very exciting, as you continue to make new discoveries each time you practice.

The strength of character that Glenn delivers is infectious and you can’t help but find yourself developing your own strength through his example.  Even if your not thinking of teaching, I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about yoga or wishes to deepen their self awareness on and off the mat.  However be under no illusions, this course is tough, mentally, physically and of course emotionally.  Glenn does however, support you all the way through the course and beyond.  His passion for yoga is unwavering and his knowledge invaluable. 

Belinda Snellgrove

Caroline Nijman - Ibizia

June 2010

I had an incredible high after leaving Australia that lasted a couple of weeks. There has been a positive shift in my life and I feel I am saving time and money on future therapists. I solved a lot of knots that I was dealing within my body and my mind and I was happy that I was with you in Australia. I cannot compare this course to any other teacher training course. I am convinced that the level of knowledge transmitted to the students and the way the course was progressively built up, was very professional and showed the depth of knowledge and understanding Glenn & Margaret have on the subject and practice of yoga. I am more than satisfied with what I received. It was well worth the money. I want to thank you again for the generous extra hours that were given. Physically I was suffering due to my lower back injury and I wish I could have done the course without this limitation so I could have progressed even further. Being one of the least capable in the group is not what I wanted. However, it taught me to be humble and face the truth about myself, including getting older, something I have carefully ignored until now. My shoulder is better and I am even doing supported Kapotasana in the chair with pleasure; even my neck is starting to release. My skinny arms got muscle tone back in a different way due to daily Pincha Mayurasana and Adho Mukha Vrksasana. My back and hamstrings have progressed so much. I am teaching 2 classes per week in my house to some friends. I am practicing what we learnt on the course to become more fluid in my language and to gain confidence. The course has really helped me with that. I am practicing a lot of yoga I do my meditation early every morning and I am very strict with the pranayama routine. I am now happy to have no more strain in my neck whilst doing Jalandhara Bandha. I am hoping to progress with extending puraka and rechaka but I will persist. All in all, I am most enthusiastic about my time on the course and I am happy that life gave me this opportunity. My husband is happy too as our relationship has benefited from a more stable and relaxed Caroline. To both Margaret & Glenn (behind a strong man there is always a strong woman) love and happy days and hope to see you again in the future,

Caroline Nijman from Ibizia