Margaret Ceresoli

Margaret Ceresoli performing Yoga Asanas

Margaret Ceresoli is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for the past 23 years. She has a keen and ongoing interest in all matters pertaining to the ethical, spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga which informs her life and gives depth and insight to her teaching. Margaret was also a director of Action School of Yoga along with her husband Glenn before becoming Yoga mind. Margaret has also completed a teaching manual inclusive of all aspects of yoga. Margaret has a specific interest in imparting the principles of yoga in a practical and direct way and applying this to the work or home environment.

Workshops and teaching courses include a range of specific topics: Women’s stage of life requirements, Yoga therapy, restorative and relaxation practices. Yoga Mind: the nature of mind using the practise of asana, visualisation, breath awareness, and meditation. Corporate and work-place classes involving yoga for measuring and managing stress and increasing ones productivity and wellbeing. Margaret has two children and a bachelor of Arts degree with majors in organisational sociology and continues to conduct private one on one classes to fit individual needs and schedules. Margaret also conducts the Teacher Training Courses with Glenn and gives valuable insight and understanding of the practical and philosophical side of Yoga.