Glenn Ceresoli

Glenn Ceresoli performing Yoga Asanas

Glenn Ceresoli has extensive experience as both a teacher and practitioner of Iyengar yoga. A Yoga class with Glenn Ceresoli is an opportunity to imbibe his twentynine years of experience and his relentless commitment and intention to break through the restrictive habits and conditions of the body/mind.

Glenn says, "Attitude and approach is the key to everything."
Glenn's years of personal experience enable him to facilitate the process of this change through the practice of Yoga using the body and mind to know one's Self.

Glenn believes that the practice of Yoga utilises what he refers to as a "Replacement Method" which simply but effectively replaces the unconscious habits of the body/mind complex with very deliberate and consciously implemented actions and behaviors. This allows us freedom from the restrictions which limit the body mind complex and how we experience life.

Yoga cultivates wisdom on all levels.

We have all experienced teachers who have inspired us to extend ourselves beyond our boundaries and who have left an imprint on our approach to practising and teaching yoga. Glenn Ceresoli is such a teacher.

Through his technical expertise, his understanding of the role of asana in yoga psychology and his personal intensity, he encourages us to look for ever increasing depths in our practice, and provides the necessary understanding and guidance. To experience Glenn's insight, his sense of focus and presence for yourself, you are invited to attend any one of his events by booking with the nominated contacts on the calendar listing.



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