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Yogamind News July 2015

Goa (India) Retreat 07-21 January 2018 Now Open for Bookings

13. June 2017 / Margaret Ceresoli

The 2018 Goa retreat is now open for bookings. Head over to our Goa Retreat page to find out more.

Italy Retreat 01-29 July 2017 Now Open for Bookings

06. August 2016 / Margaret Ceresoli

The 2017 Italy retreat is now open for bookings. Head over to our Italy Retreat page to find out more.

2 Extended Classes with Glenn in Sydney - 25. April & 09. May 2015

13. April 2015 / Margaret Ceresoli

Glenn will be conducting 2 extended 4 hour classes in Sydney on 2 Saturdays afternoons. Saturday 25. April 2015 and 09. May 2015, 13:00-17:00. Cost is $130.00 per afternoon. This is a unique oportunity, as Glenn does not often teach in Sydney or Australia. Most of his workshops and classes are run overseas. Be quick to not miss out. Bookings can be made at

Glenn Ceresoli

July 2014 News & Updates

15. July 2014 / Glenn Ceresoli

Having just finished a 2 month European tour I had one more stop on the way home Bangkok. When I arrived, there was a political coupe in progress. An imposed curfew didn’t allow anyone to be on the streets after 10pm. However, I was able to teach the weekend workshop free of any restrictions, so all was fine.

I really enjoyed returning to Bangkok where people from Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and many local Thai people are expressing more interest in the practice of Iyengar Yoga. It confirms that the Asian cultures are more seriously considering yoga as a practice and way of life.

I have now returned overseas to the UK and just completed a 5 day intensive in Exeter St David. Last year was the first time I had not visited the UK in 10 years. The response was very enthusiastic and the students requested that I keep the UK on the yearly schedule for next year. I am happy to return to places when people express their sincere wishes towards the practice and are inspired by the way I present it.

Margaret has just finished her workshop in Bangkok and is presently doing a 4 day intensive in Taiwan presenting Yoga for Womens Life Cycle as a focus. These workshops provide a more refined understanding on these matters to the yoga culture in Bangkok and Taiwan. Next Margaret will join me in Umbria/Italy for the soon to start 4 week retreat.

Glenn Ceresoli

Italy Retreat 2014

15. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

The Italy Yoga retreat in Umbria is full for all 4 weeks. We are looking forward to working with the students in the beautiful environment provided by La Quercia Calante. We were not able to accommodate all the requests to attend the retreat this year so we would advise if you are planning on coming next year book earlier to avoid disappointment.

Send us an email as soon as you know you want to attend and we will put you on the list and contact you when we are ready to accept enrolments, it means you will be contacted first, before it goes out to everyone on our mailing list.

Zurich 7 Day Intensive 11-17 August 2014

15. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

I started teaching in Zurich 10 years ago, and watched the city of Zurich become a very cosmopolitan city, a lot more vibrant, youthful and open minded. I enjoy the mix of the old town, the river, the Alps, especially in the summer month of August. This year once again I will be conducting a 7 day intensive, which is virtually a teacher training without the limitations of being only for teachers. The depth and insight into the practice is the foundation for the teaching of yoga. However, it is the intention of this course to learn how to approach the more advanced asanas. As the course is 7 days long, it allows a thorough preparation to take place so more advanced asanas can be understood and practiced.

For this years course the venue will be City Yoga studio which is fully equipped with all the Iyengar props required for the practice.
Workshop Information & Contact Info

Goa India 2015, 04 – 25. January 2015

15. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

The Goa retreat is a very popular retreat! We have successfully filled the retreat centre for the past 5 years. Anyone who lives through the winter season during January will enjoy the opportunity of being in the warmer weather during the coldest month of the season. The weather is most conducive to deepening the yoga practice over a 3 week period. This purpose built retreat centre has all the props and ambience to immerse us in the full experience of the Mother land of Yoga.

Goa 2015 information is available on the website and we are ready to take enrolments as of now.

Byron Bay Australia, 2 Month Teacher Training, 07.09.2015 – 30.10.2015

15. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

For 9 years we conducted a 2 month teacher training course in Byron Bay, Australia, enjoyed by many from all over the world.

2 years ago we decided to give this course a rest, which provided some extra time, allowing me to accept the invitations I was receiving from Asian countries. I have enjoyed visiting and working in Taiwan, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore, which has confirmed my perceptions of how the practice of yoga is incredibly adaptable to all people from anywhere and everywhere, in all type of circumstances.

Margaret and I have been teaching for over 30 years. I have been teaching all around the world for the last 10 years. In all the years I have seen and experienced the miracle of yoga at work, yet it continues to fascinate me, revealing more and more its magical ability to transform people and relieve them of so many problems be they physical or mental/emotional and how they experience an improved life as a result.

Margaret has been teaching in Sydney with daily ongoing classes that have engendered a yoga Sanga and culture amongst her students there, who continually express that their lives would lack the perspective that gives it meaning and purpose.

Due to many requests, I am very pleased to announce the return of the 2 month intensive teacher training course in Byron Bay Australia, next year in 2015. It will not return to being a yearly course as in the past, but perhaps every 3 to 4 years. Nowhere in the world is a 2 month, Iyengar yoga teacher training course intensive being offered. At least, not to my knowledge.

For the best result the practice of yoga requires a consistent, regular practice over an extended period of time in order to re-program our bodies and minds from its unconscious habits of imbalance and restrictions. Our minds and emotions are influenced by these imbalances and restrictions, and vice versa, the minds unconscious habits of restrictions and imbalance influence the body, this process is referred to as Psychosomatic. This means that the interaction between the body and the mind is an essential consideration within the practice of yoga.

So it is with this requirement in mind that this course was first conceived and now offered once again.

This course provides every opportunity for transformation and will be a life changing experience.

For further information join our mailing list on our website or contact us via email.

Love, Light & Best wishes now and in the New Year 2014

18. December 2013 / Margaret Ceresoli

Sydney Workshop with Glenn Ceresoli @Elixr in Bondi Junction, 15 & 16 February 2014

18. December 2013 / Margaret Ceresoli

Bookings now open for Glenn's next workshop in Sydney at Elixr in Bondi Junction. Contact or call +61 2 8113 8808 for more information.

Italy Retreat 2014 – Week 1 & 2 are full

18. December 2013 / Margaret Ceresoli

Week 1 and 2 of our Italy retreat in 2014 are full. There is still some availability in week 3 and 4. Be quick if you don't want to miss out.

Glenn Ceresoli - Sydney Workshop 21–22 September 2013

15. August 2013 / Margaret Ceresoli

Glenn will hold at weekend workshop at The Yoga Centre East Redfern on the 21–22 September 2013. For mor information and registration see the details on Glenn's calendar.

Taiwan June 2013

05. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

Marg and I have just finished teaching in Taiwan and have arrived in Italy for our annual four week retreat in Umbria Italy.

We were both moved by the hospitality and sweet nature of the Taiwanese students. They go to great lengths to express their appreciation for the yoga. Respect for the teacher is inherent in their culture. The students have an implicit trust in the teacher and this relationship makes for a good working foundation to impart the yoga experience to them. The students were very attentive and hungry for knowledge and understanding so it was a pleasure for us both to work in this environment. All the students enthusiastically requested our return as soon as possible and this has been arranged for late September 2013.

Asian Tour 2013

05. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

Since Glenn as stopped running the 2 month Byron Bay Teacher Training Courses he has been invited to now teach in Shanghai, China, Bangkok in Thailand and will return to Taiwan. These details are up on the website now.

Italy Retreat 2013

05. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

We are now in the midst of running this year's Italy retreat which is full again for the four weeks. People attending are from all over with many who regularly return to practice yoga in the unified environment of a residential retreat. This year we have the addition of a new spacious, outdoor yoga platform overlooking the expansive Italian countryside!  We now have some wonderful new equipment which will also be made good use of.

Zurich Intensive 2013

05. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

Margaret will return to her work in Sydney, Australia after the Italy retreat and Glenn will continue to tour around Europe until the end of August. We have now found a new venue in Zurich for Glenn’s last event for this tour 15 -18 August.
The details for Glenn’s Zurich Intensive will be soon made available on our website. In the meantime you can contact Regi:

Goa/India 3 Week Retreat 2014

05. July 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

For those who have enrolled don’t forget to book your flights early to India in order to take advantage of the more economical airfares. Those who intend to enroll book soon as this retreat gets booked out.


22. May 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

This April I started a mini tour of Italy which has been very rewarding. I had the mistaken impression that Italians were only into “La Dolce Vita”. As it turns out I am finding more and more dedicated people who really love and want to do Iyengar Yoga.

I started the tour in Naples where I am finding myself more attracted and fascinated. It was my first time teaching there. The studio was full and made for an intimate experience. It is always nice to meet and work with new people.

Next was Fondi, where there were a lot of new people this year. I have taught there on several other occasions. We had an in-depth weekend and enjoyed practicing and exploring yoga’s vast benefits.

Moved on to the Tuscan region to Grosseto where we had full house and once again an intimate environment. I like to see people accommodate and consider each other in these more restricted spaces. To me this is an integral part of practicing yoga.

Campo Romano was next, a 5 day retreat in the north of Tuscany. This retreat was particularly for Italians as not all Italians are fluent enough in English to come to intensive courses or retreats. This was the first time I conducted a residential retreat where I taught only in Italian specifically dedicated to those that are interested in a retreat intensive environment. I was surprised by the attendance of some of my non-Italian students availing themselves of this opportunity. This year the retreat was set on a property circa 1600 and 1700 era, called Campo Romano. A very typical Tuscan villa, with great traditional Tuscan cuisine.

I left Italy on my return home via Norway, Austria and finally Sweden where I will be part of the Nordic Yoga Convention called Yoga Games.

Finally will arrive home to Australia where I get to repack my bags ready for a trip to teach in Taiwan with my wife Margaret. We will be on our way to our yearly four week retreat in Umbria Italy in June/July avoiding the Winter in Australia. This retreat like Goa books out very quickly so be sure to look out for the enrolments at this retreat June/July 2014.

Italy Retreat Info

GOA RETREAT 2014 // 5th – 26th January 2014

22. May 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

We are now ready to accept enrolments for our most popular retreat of the year!

It is natural to be attracted to being in India which is the Motherland of Yoga. This is the reason this retreat exists and why it can only be attended in full. It is a 3 week retreat without options for 1, 2 or 3 weeks as is done with the Italian retreat in Umbria, Italy.

As the two month Teacher Training in Byron Bay finished from 2012, Goa is the only practice intensive that provides 7hrs a day 6 days a week. Being removed from the daily routine at home or work helps to totally free oneself from the daily influences and stresses and provides the opportunity to experience a more integrated perspective. If you have not done this retreat is it is highly recommended for its beautiful ambience and accommodating environment while undergoing an intensive regime of yoga.

Let us remind you that the earlier you enrol for Goa and secure your place, the earlier you can book your airfares and save on the more economical prices so don’t hesitate. This retreat always books out quickly.

You can view the photos of last year's retreat on our flickr page.

Hope to see you there in 2014!

Goa Retreat Info

Italy Yoga Retreat – July 2013

28. February 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

Come and practice yoga in the beautiful surroundings of Umbria, eating healthy Italian cuisine from the organically grown produce on the premises. The water supply is free of chemicals and the entire retreat centre is powered from solar panels and is free of magnetic fields. We hope to experience the addition of a big open platform to practice yoga in the open air this year. Add to the recipe the perfect weather of July in this part of Italy and we have the most conducive environment for focusing, learning and understanding yoga and ourselves.

Week one is fully booked and there are only a few places available on the other weeks.

Italy Retreat Info

Satsanga Retreat – Goa 2013

22. February 2013 / Glenn Ceresoli

Our Yoga Retreat held in January this year in Goa/India was a great success! We enjoyed the participation of students from all over the world. It was our fourth retreat at ‘Satsanga’ This forms part of our ongoing commitment to provide an environment which is conducive to deepening the understanding and the practice of yoga.

We have booked the retreat for January next year (2014) so don’t miss the opportunity to take 3 weeks to experience a wider range of practice for 7 hours a day without having to be concerned with preparing food, work, cleaning or any other chores. The practice becomes the prime and most significant part of the day and therefore influences and affects us profoundly. We had time to play and enjoy the sun by the pool or at the beach, or sight seeing. The sister science to yoga – Ayurveda (the science of life) is of great interest to many and there is a clinic where some go to have Ayurvedic massages or treatment and diagnosis. The food at the retreat is prepared by an Ayurvedic doctor with much love and attention.

It is our opportunity to take students beyond the usual realms of practice and explore the progressive nature of a consistent, regular practice on a daily basis over an extended period of time with a healthy portion of intensity. Under these circumstances transformation is a sure thing. Please note that this retreat is progressive and students must participate in the full retreat.

Make your next retreat/holiday as productive as possible and go back to work refreshed and invigorated having increased the depth of experience in practicing and living yoga.

We look forward to seeing you there next year... more photos can be viewed on our new flickr page.

Goa Retreat Info

Goa Retreat 2011

Teacher Training Byron Bay Australia 03.09. - 26.10.2012

26. March 2012 / Glenn Ceresoli

2012 is marking a change to my schedule and the events that will be taking place.
It is the end of an era for one of our longstanding events. The Byron Bay 2 Month Teacher Training Course that has been operating for 8 years will end this year.  We maintained this unique opportunity to work intensely with a smaller group of students for two months because of the demand and the opportunity. It has been the most successful training we have ever done and with amazing results to the participants in both their practice and teaching.

Sept 2012 will be the last time this course is offered. There are so many other commitments I will have to meet in the coming year.

On this note we thank those that have already applied and invite those interested to enrol at their earliest convenience, or if you have questions regarding the course please contact us with your queries.

Byron Bay Teacher Training 2012

Italy 3 Week Yoa Retreat 07. - 28.07.2012

26. March 2012 / Glenn Ceresoli

First week booked out! There are a few available places for week 2 and 3. This is by far the most popular international retreat I offer. The retreat is taught in English in order to accommodate the wide variety of people from all over the world who attend year after year.

If you already have your name on the list and have not yet paid your deposit, please do so now, as confirmation of your intention to participate, so we can hold and confirm your place on the course. The balance will be required in May for those that have paid their deposits.

If you have special dietary needs during your time with us on retreat let us know when you enrol and confirm your booking.

As a special event this year I am offering a 1 week Teacher Training Retreat at the same retreat venue as above. The dates are 01 – 07  July.

This course will be the same reliable, insightful and intensive work with asana and pranayama practice as always. In addition it will address and explore the needs and skills of being able to teach asana and pranayama at  Introductory Level 2 and beyond, instructions, adjustments, demonstration, sequencing etc. As always my teaching reflects a wider consideration other than the requirements for certification assessment. The emphasis will be on how to progress in the process of ones own experience, cultivated by self-practice.

More Information on the Italy Retreat

Note: I am also doing some other retreats in Italy, however these will be taught in Italian not English, so please consider this when next looking for an opportunity to participate.

Additional Retreat Info on Calendar 2012

Zurich 15. - 21.08.2011 - Advanced Iygenar Yoga Training

05. July 2011 / General

The 7 day intensive Training in Zurich is being held from 15. - 21. August 2011. The cost for the seven days are CHF 995.00, payable at check-in. The course runs MO-FR 08:00-11:30 and 13:30-16:00 and SA/SO 07:30 - 11:00 and 13:00-15:30. Registration and contact details can be found on my 2011 schedule.

Goa 2012 - Now Open for Registration

05. July 2011 / General

Many of you have enquired about the TT course in Goa for 2012, we haven't been ready to accept enrolments for this course until now. We are now calling for enrolments or an expression of interest for the 2012 Teacher Training course in Goa. Last year this course was limited to those that had attended my 2 month Teacher Training course in Byron Bay and designed to lead up to the next level of difficulty and understanding. For 2012 the course, is open to others that are perhaps ready to go the next step. Many of you who have regularly attended the Italy retreat week 2 and 3, or the advanced training course I conduct in Zurich each year may be eligible to attend. I will assess each application for eligibility to attend.

Some basic requirements will be:

  • Free standing Sirsasana
  • Sarvangasana - 5-10min
  • Adh Mukha Vrksasana at wall - 1 min
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana - 3 min
  • Ardha Padmasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana - arms straight
  • Chaturanga Dandasana will be required as a base for the balance asanas.

If any of the above are not up to the requirements stated, you have half a year to get them there, so don't hesitate, start now.

Read more about the Goa Teacher Training / Retreat on our Goa page
Goa Teacher Training / Retreat 2012

Byron Bay Teacher Training - 2 Spaces Available

05. July 2011 / General

For those interested in this years 2 month course, we have just had 2 cancellations due to work and other changing circumstances, so there are 2 places available. If interested in this opportunity apply sooner rather than later as we only take 12 people as a quality control measure for this course. More Information about thetraining is available on our Byron Bay Teacher Training Page.
Byron Bay Teacher Training

European Workshops 2011

27. June 2011 / Glenn Ceresoli

iyoga in Munich is the biggest Iyengar yoga studio in Germany and it was inspiring to teach there again this year, received well by so many enthusiastic students who are always prepared to work diligently and put forth a sincere effort.

Next stop was Norway in Stavanger where since starting here four and half years ago at YogaYoga studios, the interest has grown enormously. The pioneering force behind YogaYoga is Bodil Mauritzen who now has two studios. Starting from very humble beginnings YogaYoga is the biggest thing in Stavanger, they have received media coverage galore as CEO's from major oil companies, rock stars, sport stars people from all walks of life all attend classes and the interest just keeps on growing.

During this visit, YogaYoga and I, have just created history here in Stavanger, Norway. This is the first ever, official Iyengar Yoga teacher training course ever held in Norway taking all participants through to certification in 2 years time. There are 35 participants, which I believe is the biggest teacher-training course of this nature I have ever conducted in Europe. It was a real pleasure to share my experience of yoga with so many fresh minded enthusiastic people. After the teacher training in Stavanger I also conducted a general weekend workshop before heading back to Australia.

Goa Retreat 2011

10. February 2011 / Glenn Ceresoli

The new year started with 2 week retreat in Goa which was attended by 30 people who had a wonderful time meeting so many people from all over the world all gathered to practice yoga in the motherland India, which was the intention. It was clear that everybody both gained and enjoyed their time at the retreat the magic of India was really obvious and experienced by all. Our gracious hosts Olaf and Jodi couldn't do enough to accommodate everybody's needs and work tirelessly to provide the perfect environment for the yoga practice, with ayurvedic cuisine and treatments. Everybody is asking for the next one.

Goa Retreat 2011 Image 1 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 2 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 3 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 4 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 5 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 6 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 7 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 8 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 9 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 10 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 11 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 12 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 13 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 14 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 15 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 16 Goa Retreat 2011 Image 17

Glenn's Reflections on Byron Bay Teacher Training

30. October 2010 / Glenn Ceresoli

Whilst Margaret was at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, I was getting ready to commence the Byron Bay 2 month Teacher Training course. However, I first had a Teacher Training weekend with locals from Byron Bay, Murwillumbah the Gold Coast and surrounding area. Some people came from as far as Perth and Darwin to attend the ongoing course which involves, 6 weekends every year for 3 years before being ready to apply for assessment and the opportunity to gain certification. Some people are just there for the yoga and their own self-development whilst others are going through to certification with the Iyengar Association.

It is encouraging to see how much yoga means to so many people and the sacrifices and efforts they make for their personal self-development. The possibility of teaching in the future is always an option for all that attend the course. Completing the course means they are equipped to start teaching and can always travel along that path if feel inclined to at a later date.

I am conducting this course with the administrative assistance of Liz Costigan of the Byron Yoga Lounge, who simply cannot get enough yoga into her life, and is very enthusiastic about promoting Iyengar Yoga.

Byron Bay Yoga Lounge

For any further enquires/questions about the course please email Liz

Every year for the past 7 years, Yogamind has conducted a 2 month intensive Teacher Training course for sincere people wanting a thorough and progressive introduction to the practice and teaching of Iyengar Yoga. As always 2010 course was again a privileged and very satisfying experience.

To hold the trust of 12 people, wanting to learn, and pursue the yoga experience, and dedicate 2 months of their lives immersed in a course of this nature, which, is a life altering experience for all involved. This means you have 12 committed people willing to give their all, and more to the practice.

From a teacher's perspective, having 12 people who are enthusiastic and willing to do whatever it takes is an inspiring platform to work from. Daily I watch, as the yoga practice weaves it's magic and starts to penetrate beyond the surface to the core of their being. Daily, I watch, as the barriers of resistance and fear slowly come down and reveal their inner self. Daily I watch and see changes taking place, the resolve, the confidence, the body changing shape, the mind changing shape. The expression emanating from the student starting to come from a place deeper inside them, like a blossoming flower unfolding to reveal it's whole essence.

The day starts with silent sitting before the pranayama practice begins. After the first 2 weeks people start to settle into the stillness and silence and the expression on their face's changes significantly. It softens and opens and the eyes become clear, to me this is the first sign that they are settling into the course and the nurturing environment of Byron Bay is at work.

They start to bond as a group and become much closer, not just socially but as fellow travellers on the yoga path, a sort of compassionate empathy develops between them as they support each other through their personal transformations, they stop living defensively and start living intently. The transformational process sometimes prompts emotional releases that have been clogging up the system for far too long, which creates hindrance to production, and flow of vitality, dampening our sense of perception. Hence support from those close by provides some welcoming comfort and confidence to overcome the grieving process, the loss of what was, the fear of the unknown, and embrace what has and always will be, this is the most painful part of the process, but it is also the most rewarding.

For testimonials from our previous students and trainees, please read more on our testimonials page.

Byron Bay TT 2010 Image 1 Byron Bay TT 2010 Image 2

Margaret's Reflections on Pune 2010

30. October 2010 / Margaret Ceresoli

The Ramanani Iyengar Institute remains unchanged aside from the presence of 'security guards' that are stationed at the front gates where we had to sign in on entering before our morning classes. This arrangement appears to be the result of the bombing at the German Bakery Koragoan Park, in February 2010. Glenn had been at the bakery a day or so before the incident.

Geeta Iyengar was noticeably absent from the classes I attended and I did not see her presence for the whole month at the Institute.

Guruji was still practicing and was in the back of the class when Abhi and other institute teachers took over from the classes that have usually been taken by Geeta. The women's classes were also taken by Abhi with help from Guruji's instructions.

It was Lord Ganesha's Jayanthi (birthday) while I was there in September. Considered a most auspicious time. There were festivities, celebrations and poojas going on everywhere. This event is especially celebrated in the Maharasthra state of India. Partying which was loud and raucous went on well into the early morning. It is a festival that involves the general public and welcomes all. The preparations start a month before the installations of beautifully sculpted idols, which, are installed in homes and temporary mandaps (miniature personal temples). At the end of the ten days celebrations the idol is immersed in water.

What is the real meaning and significance of Ganapathi (Lord Ganesha)?

Investigating the inner significance of Gnapathi, the Ganas represent the jnanendriyas (five organs of perception) and the karmendriyas (5 organs of action). The mind is the master over these 10 organs. The Buddhi (intellect) is the discriminating faculty above the mind. The ten senses, the mind and the intellect together constitute the Ganas. Ga stands for buddhi or intellect and Na stands for vijanaana or wisdom. Ganapathi is therefore the Lord of the intellect and of higher knowledge. The knowledge that is from direct experience of the Aatma. Ganapathi dwells within all in the form of the intellect and wisdom. Ganapthi is born from Parvathi (Shiva's consort) who signifies prithvi or 'mother earth'. Vidhya (true knowledge or wisdom) is that awareness of the power that animates every cell of ones being. It is constant integrated awareness. It is total awareness of Life. It is for this self knowledge (atmic awareness) that we pray to Ganesha to cultivate the principle of higher intelligence within us.

Reflections on European Workshops 2010

30. August 2010 / Glenn Ceresoli

After the teacher training course in Byron Bay I had a few days at home to prepare for my tour of Europe which kicked off in Kassel, Germany, at the Winstitut Yoga convention immediately followed by the Inline Fitness convention, so 3 days of convention teaching, catching up with colleagues, previous course attendants and those who attend the convention every year. All in all, it's big affair.

Kassel 2010 Image 1 Kassel 2010 Image 2 Kassel 2010 Image 3 Kassel 2010 Image 4 Kassel 2010 Image 5

Next on the schedule was a one off session for a select group in Wolfsburg whilst on my way to Sweden in Gothenburg. On arrival into Gothenburg I was greeted by a very enthusiastic Swedish group of yogis. By the end of the weekend everybody was very generous with their expression of thanks and appreciation for accepting their invitation and having made the effort to be there. They were all very cheerful and we shared a night out at an Italian restaurant on the Saturday night. The Scandinavian countries all speak excellent English, which makes my job as a travelling teacher throughout Europe a lot easier. Photos of Gothenburg workshop Back to Germany for the next stop, in Wennigsen, more teacher training, the last session for this course with this group before they present themselves for assessment end of this month, March 2011.

Hannover 2010

Next stop was Hamburg there were many familiar faces and many new ones, which is always interesting work. I did some in house teaching for a fitness club and a workshop at Poweryoga Germany, where I have taught several times before. Norway was next, Yoga Yoga have just opened a second and much larger school in Stavanger and are expanding to accommodate the growing interest in Iyengar Yoga. We had a full house for the 4 days and many of whom are interested in the teacher training course were present so it made for a good energetic platform to work from.

Norway TT 2010 Image 1 Norway TT 2010 Image 2 Norway TT 2010 Image 3

Zurich, Switzerland was next at Planet Yoga were students had come from Geneva and Luzern. Since first starting in Zurich 5 years ago, this city has really taken up the yoga challenge and there are yoga schools everywhere now.

Germany, Hanover, for my final event of the tour. The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hanover was the hosting school. The workshop was overbooked and we had over 50 people, so we had to book a hall and a lot of work had to be done to transport the props from the school to the hall and back again. The snow had been coming down quite heavily and there was an unusual amount of snow for this time of the year. It was beautiful sight to see everything white even though it made travelling a little more challenging for people attending with train cancelations and highways blocked. It was a good workshop and people had come from all over Germany.

I also had some challenges getting back to Australia as my flight from Hanover to Frankfurt was cancelled which meant I had to get the train to Frankfurt and hopefully my flight to Australia would not get cancelled. Fortunately Christmas came early and I was able to board the plane and arrive home safely for Christmas with my family.